Google Takeout: Download Your Google Data

GoogleTakeout is Google's Download your data service which is a project by the Google Data Liberation Front that allows users of Google products, such as YouTube and Gmail, to export their data to a downloadable ZIP file.

The services that can be exported are as follows:

The user can select to export all of the available Google products or choose Google products from the above list. Then create an archive with your data from selected Google products.

Then Google takeout starts preparing your archive. It may take some time before it is ready to download. Google takeout email you when it’s ready. 

After some time google send you an email with download link of your archived zip file.

Click on 'Download archive' to download you archived zip file as shown in above figure. Enter your Google password one more time, then it will link you to download page of archives.

The zip file contains a separate folder for each service that was selected for export. Extract this zip file.

Open 'index.html' file from zip file to browse your Google Data systematically.


Chetan Sundarde

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