'Undo Send' Feature of GMAIL

Google has added the ability to unsend messages in Gmail. If you make a regret sending a message, you can undo the action by enabling "Undo send." This setting gives you the option to take back a message you just sent.

 Steps to enable Undo Send:

1.        Click the gear in the top right.

2.       Select Settings.

3.       Scroll down to "Undo Send" and click Enable. And set the cancellation period (the amount of time you have to decide if you want to unsend an email).

4.       Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Once the feature is switched on, you’ll see an “Undo” link appear on the screen alongside the usual “Your message has been sent” confirmation.

Note: To give you time to undo, Gmail delays sending the message for a few seconds. So if you don't select "Undo" within the time limit, your message will be sent.


Chetan Sundarde

What's hurts more, the pain of hard work or the pain of regret?

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