How To Conceal Your Identity?


Concealing you true identity during the processes like footprinting and scanning is very much necessary as there is a real chance of the target tracing back to you. Some of the methods that you can employ to conceal your identity are discussed below.

Using a Proxy

A proxy server can be used to conceal your real IP address while performing scanning and hack attempts on the target. Since the IP address tells everything about you, concealing it using a proxy can be highly effective in hiding your origin.
Even though there are different types of proxies available, I recommend using a VPN proxy service to hide your IP address. VPN services are fast and provide reliable ways not only to hide your IP address but also to protect your data and identity over the Internet.
Here are a few popular VPN services that you can try:

Alternatively you can also use a chain of public proxies to further enhance your stealth operation using free tools like Proxifier and SocksChain. Please note that using public proxies can slow down your speed and hence VPN proxies are more recommended as they best serve the purpose.

The other way to hide your identity is by using online tools for pinging and scanning the target. During the use of online tools, the IP address of the server hosting the tools is exposed to the target and not the one that belongs to the actual attacker.
Once you have gathered a long list of information about the target through footprinting and scanning, it is time to analyze them for possible vulnerabilities in the operating system, technologies or services running on the target. You can make use of the following websites to find information about latest vulnerabilities and exploits:


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