The Problem With Infinite Choice

            When I wake up this morning, the very first thing I did was check my e-mails and Facebook. Then I sit down with packet of chips and check pageviews of my blogs ( Then I open YouTube, I subscribes to 44 channels and there were 76 new videos waiting for me. I spend 20 minutes choosing which video to watch and 2 minutes actually to watching it. At hostel, I search on Google for new Bollywood songs. It takes 5-10 minutes to choose satisfying site to download it. Back at college PL-2 lab, I spend half hours on torrent to which movie to download and form which torrent site. The average person spends 10-12 hours every day consuming media from dozens of different sources. Our culture has reach media over saturation and its effecting the way we consume an appreciate content. I mean no one can deny, it’s we living in world every song, movie, TV shows and book is instantly available on one click or touch.

          What if this infinite choice is bad thing? Different scientific studies shows that more options actually make us less happy. Researchers found that people that compare deliberate on choice more actually experience higher level of anxiety and even depression. The term ‘Opportunity Cost’ refers into time invented into one selection verses the opportunity lost in another. Media has infinite but time remain limited. To watch all videos from videos from YouTube, then this life is not sufficient.
While we regret the options that we miss-out on, we also regret the options that we settled with. In one experiment in with group of people given passes to gym, half of given passes to full price, half of given passes to 60% discount. Researchers found that full price payer attained more than discount payers. The phenomenon called ‘Adaptation’ is another side effect of infinite choice. In short more media we expose to the media become use to it and become progressively less satisfied with what we consume. We had seen so many stories takes on ideas rehashed that nothing seems too original anymore. Today’s date lots of movies are being remake.

          The greatest paradox is that infinite choice are also positive sources on society. There are more artist, film-makers, creators now than any other time in history and all those artist having audience and platform to share the work and ideas. With these incredible gains, the question becomes what have we lost?


Chetan Sundarde

What's hurts more, the pain of hard work or the pain of regret?

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