Best 6 Tools For Customizing Your Windows Desktop

We always want to look our desktop beautiful. Here are some software for customizing windows desktop.

Enhance and expand your workspace by assigning applications to different virtual desktops, and organize your open windows to work on multiple projects at once without the mess. Like many of the apps above, Dexpot is extremely customizable; control transitions between desktops and the number of desktops you'd like to work with.

Created by Otaku Software, DeskSpace fashions six virtual desktops across a cube. You can run the program on up to nine monitors and switch easily between them with your mouse and keyboard. Customize each desktop individually for optimum efficiency and organization. For example, build one desktop specifically for Internet purposes, another for gaming and media and a third for work — then switch seamlessly among them.

This software is shareware, meaning it costs $24.95. A free testing option is available for a 14-day period.

If you don't feel like creating and re-learning an entirely new desktop, DryIcons may be the best option for you. Download sets of cute, quirky icons to replace the standard ones. Get in the holiday spirit with Christmas-themed icons, or choose a minimalist red theme with cloud or horseshoe icons. To replace a generic folder icon, for example, simply right-click and choose Properties > Customize > Change Icon.

Keep all of your applications on hand in a handy Mac-like dock. By organizing shortcuts in the dock, you'll rid your desktop of cluttered icons strewn across the screen, while also creating a sleek and clean interface. Again, the dock's appearance and functionality are completely customizable, with a variety of skins and icons available for download on RocketDock's add-on site. Transform the feel and function of your shortcuts and their organization. Note: RocketDock is not yet compatible with Windows 8.

Vladstudio features some beautiful wallpapers, but their clocks will transform your desktop into a useful and stunning display. In order to use their wallpaper clocks, download one of the provided apps to support the clocks and browse to your heart's content.
Each of the wallpapers displays date and time, and the designs are gorgeous and whimsical. Kick up your desktop's cuteness factor a few notches and transform your background into a beautiful library, a fantastical forest or an illustrated world.

A customization app for Windows, Rainmeter presents a variety of looks and options for creating the desktop of your dreams. You can easily set up accessible weather widgets, track and control your music and monitor your system status stats at your fingertips. Also use the app to record notes, upload a Google search bar and much more.
Find tons of popular skins like Enigma (above) on DeviantART, and Rainmeter's own forum. Head over to Lifehacker for a very helpful Rainmeter tutorial.


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